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Death toll rises in Israel-Gaza conflict

Tension has risen across occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, amid growing anger of evicting Palestinians from their homes on land forcefully being claimed by Jewish settlers. In an earlier warning to Israel to stop violence against Palestinian worshipers at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Hamas launched dozens of rockets from Gaza into Israeli territory. More than 1,000 rockets have now been launched by Palestinian militants over the last 38 hours. Hamas’ leaders issued an ultimatum after days of violence against Palestinians, demanding that Israel stand down its security forces from the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem. Amnesty International UK has reported: “Israeli forces have carried out unprovoked attacks on peaceful demonstrators in Sheikh Jarrah.” “Israel must not be allowed to continue its rampage against Palestinians who are simply defending their right to exist and protesting against their forced displacement,” the group’s Middle East Deputy Director, Saleh Higazi, said. 136 people were hurt at al-Aqsa, 83 of whom were hospitalized, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent emergency service. One of the rockets launched by Hamas in retaliation hit an Israeli household near the Jerusalem outskirts, but one Israeli civilian was slightly injured after his car was hit by an anti-tank missile near the Gaza border. The streets of Gaza are full of rubble from countless buildings and cars being destroyed or burned. Hamas had crossed a “red line” with its most recent volley, now nearly 50 rockets, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, warning that this bout of fighting could “continue for some time”. “We will not tolerate an attack on our territory, our capital, our citizens and soldiers,” Netanyahu said on Monday evening that whoever attacks Israel will pay a heavy price. However, according to the health ministry in Gaza, more than 32 people had been killed, including 10 children, and 220 injuries due to the airstrikes from Israel. The fires had been escalated after two tower blocks of residential homes were destroyed by rocket launches targeting them. Sky News reporter Mark Stone reported that the Israeli soldiers are “bluntly controlling a crowd that doesn’t need any controlling.” Videos circulating online show worshipers throwing shoes and rocks at police who fired stun grenades and rubber-coated bullets to disperse them. The al-Qassam Brigades have said that Israel has overstepped their boundaries and it is their duty to respond to Israel. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said in a statement to Al Jazeera that the rocket attacks will continue until Israel ends all acts of “terrorism and aggression in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.” By Ghizlan Mezian

Burger King Meltdown of Plastic Toys exchanged with Free Junior Meal – Ghizlan Mezian

Burger King have decided that they will no longer be providing plastic toys with Junior meals, as a method to spread awareness and tackle the dilemma of plastic waste. The fast food restaurant is following on a #Meltdown move which originated from two young girls aged 7 and 9 from Hampshire. The children created a petition to stop Burger King and McDonalds from distributing free plastic toys with meals. While Burger King instantly acted on raising awareness on plastic waste pollution, McDonalds

Lambeth Children Centre Cuts cause ‘Catastrophic’ loss of jobs. – Ghizlan Mezian

Lambeth Town Hall have revealed their closure plans of five Children’s Centre’s which could potentially cause the loss of 30 jobs. The children center Staff and families have expressed their frustration about the Lambeth council restructure plans for the Children’s Centre’s which is due to the decline of their funding by £1.4 million a year due to government cuts. While the staff are concerned that the cuts will deprive them from providing good levels of care needed for families within the commu

LSBU Student Mental Health Issues Rising each year. – Ghizlan Mezian

One in four students at LSBU are being diagnosed with a mental health problem, reveals Student Care Manager Ennie. According to the LSBU Mental Health statistics, numbers of struggling students are rising. Ennie said; “We try our best to support students with a wide variety of difficulties.” Most of the help is targeted at students who are living at LSBU accommodation with well-being residential managers providing a 24–hour service. Vicky Dunn, one of two of the residential managers at the McLa

Monzo Bank offers workers paid leave after pregnancy loss

Monzo bank has become one of the first UK companies to offer paid leave to workers who have experienced a pregnancy loss in support of its employees. The digital bank is offering paid leave of up to 10 days following the loss of a baby through abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth, regardless of when in the pregnancy it happens. But under UK employment law, companies are only required to allow parents to take unplanned parental leave after the baby’s 24-week gestation period, which is considered

Large numbers of Black people are missing, as campaigners call for more government action

Black people are being reported missing in large numbers as many people argue that their cases are being ignored. Recent findings from the National Crime Agency have shown that Black people made up 14 per cent of missing people in England and Wales. In recent years there has been a disproportionate increase in the number of missing Black people in Britain. People and campaigners alike are calling for more government action. A study conducted by The Opportunity Agendas found that; news coverage

Billie Eilish’s British Vogue cover inspires body positivity

The Grammy-Award winning artist, who is known for her green hair and baggy clothes has debuted a new look. This has caused women to talk more openly about their bodies. In the recently revealed, June issue of British Vogue, the 19-year-old is dressed in a custom corset and skirt by Gucci, white gloves by Atsuko Kudo, and is donning her new blonde hair. Eilish came up with the idea for the photoshoot – which pays homage to the classic pin-up looks from the olden days, in an effort to call atten

Roadmap to Freedom

Boris Johnson has announced the government’s roadmap to cautiously lift lockdown restrictions in England setting out what he calls a “one-way road to freedom” lockdown easing roadmap. In a statement to parliament, the Prime Minister paid tribute to the remarkable success of the UK’s vaccination programme and the measures the British public are taking following the lockdown restrictions, which has helped to cut infection rates and reduce the spread of the virus. The Prime Minister set out the l

Finding Love Socially Distanced

Socialising during social distancing has been difficult, causing people to rely on social media to keep in contact with friends, families and colleagues. But when it comes to the dating scene, apps like Tinder and Bumble have risen in popularity. In April 2020, messaging on Tinder had increased globally by 52% since the start of March. The rise of online dating has become a very normalised way of life during the pandemic. During the peak of lockdown in March 2020 three billion swipes on Tinde